We do not provide 3rd party support for providers listed in this website, please contact Simo.Pet webmaster regarding information of the website system only.

Pet Requirements

Pets should have current license and ID tags

Your pets should have their current collar and name tags in case they get lost, so is easier to find.

Must be at least 3 years old

In order to use Simo.Pet services you need to be 18+ and older.

Pet must be vaccinated

Lorem Please make sure your pet is vaccinated with the current vaccines required by your location.

Pet care providers must have their ID

Make sure your solicited service provider has his proper ID and license. You are responsible for trusting their services.

Looking For A Professional?

We encourage pet lovers around the world to start their own small businesses using Simo.Pet’s platform & give them the tools to succeed.

Be Responsible

You should exercise caution and use your independent judgment before engaging a Service Provider, providing Pet Care Services, or otherwise interacting with users via the Simo.Pet Service. Pet Owners and Service Providers are solely responsible for making decisions that are in the best interests of themselves and their pets. For example, each user of the Simo.Pet Service is responsible for keeping current his or her own pet’s vaccinations, and we will have no liability for anyone’s failure to vaccinate his or her pet.

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